How It Came In.

A few months ago, the good Samaritan in the house (aka Tony) jumped his co-worker’s car for him. The guy, in an off-hand manner (everything this guy says sounds kind of off-hand, actually) told him, “Thanks, man, I owe you one.” And, as cool guys do, Tony said, “No problem.”

Fast forward to last Thursday, and I received a text message from Tony saying, “We have tickets to the Lakers game for New Years Eve.” My first thought was, “… and you’re taking me??? Yay!” My second thought was, “Are they real?” Ha! My thoughts are funny. Turns out, that was the guy’s way of paying back a favor. Which is how we ended up in Staples Center on New Years Eve, 7 rows up from the floor, center court, above the score tables.

Love the intense look on Kobe’s face. This was one second before he stole the ball, ran it down court and scored.

Pau Gasol is awesome. This series of pictures I took of him taking off his warm-up suit and running onto the court cracked me up… like he’s some supermodel or something, flinging his hair back…

You tell ’em, Fish!

Men In Yellow


Gotta say, nice biceps, KB.

We recorded the game, and I was glad we did because I’d forgotten how much I rely on being able to rewind stuff to understand exactly what happened and why the refs sometimes make the calls they make. Things happen so very fast during basketball games!

It was a close game… closer than it should have been. I don’t know what’s going on this season, but the Lakers just aren’t playing that well. But, for that game at least, the Lakers won (yay!) with over 100 points, and managed to keep the other team under 100 points. This is noteworthy because, since it was a home game, it meant that everyone who was there got coupons for two free Jack-in-the-Box tacos. Hooray for free food!

The next day, we were watching the recorded game and Tony goes, “Hey, there we are!!”

What? You don’t see us? Let me help you… that red spot is my jacket which I had just put on. To the left of the red spot is Tony’s purple jersey and beige shorts.

There we are! In the spotlight! We’d just been told that Staples Center was closed and we needed to exit the facility, so we turned around to gather our belongings and that there is our behinds. We definitely made the most of our 15 seconds of fame for the year.

Coming home after the game, we were traversing the opposite direction of massive amounts of traffic (imagine that, everyone going into LA to party for New Year’s?) and made it home just in time to watch the replay of the ball dropping in New York for the west coast.

And that’s how we brought in the new year. Oh, and they gave everyone those fun hats when we entered Staples Center.

Of course, I did other fun stuff over my four day weekend — highlights included a family dinner, organizing our tax book for 2010, sorting my vitamins for the next 4 weeks, water changes in the fish tanks (always), and weeding through the 500 pictures I took at the Lakers game (I discovered the rapid shutter feature on my camera a couple months ago).

With exciting stuff like that (and that’s just a small sampling), now you know why I don’t write more about the mundanities of my life every day.

(Love and Loathe is in the works, plan to post it Saturday-ish, but wanted to get this written and posted before it’s February. I would have had it up sooner, but instead I called my mom to wish her a Happy New Year’s. I knew you’d understand!)



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16 responses to “How It Came In.

  1. py

    Wonderful. A good turn deserves another. πŸ™‚
    This seems to start you on a lucky and blessed year!

    • I just hope we didn’t use up all our luck in one fell swoop! Although technically, I think I could argue that since we attended the game on 12/31, and were home by 11:30pm, our “luck” wasn’t used at all on 1/1. :mrgreen:

  2. Caryl

    Well, not sure how your last picture compares with last New Year’s, but it’s a real keepsake!
    Love you,

    • I guess, for argument’s sake, I could point out that at midnight last year, we were in a hotel room all pretending to be asleep until fireworks and someone’s fart “woke” us all up. New Year’s Day, however, was an entirely different story!

  3. tony

    I had a great new years eve. Last year was big with the rose parade but this year was relaxing and enjoying the end of the year and the start of the new year. I love you sooooo much sweetie. You got great pictures and I want copies of all of them. XXOXOXOXOXOX

    • I think this New Year’s eve was better than last year’s eve.
      New Year’s day last year took the cake, or the float, though, I think. πŸ™‚
      We had a great time.
      Love you… xo

  4. Cat

    Happy New Year! Looks like you guys had the perfect one!

    I say we take 2011 by the horns and make it our year, what do you think?

  5. How freaking cool is that? Just goes to show good deeds come back around. Glad you guys had so much fun!

  6. Very exciting that you and Tony were at the New Years Eve Lakers Game! And it sounds like you had FANULOUS seats! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!


  7. You’re famous! Very exciting! Yay for Tony for being a Good Samaritan!

  8. I’m going to have to start helping people more.