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Love & Loathe — 10/21/10


* Antibiotics, or rather, what antibiotics do to me. I had a procedure done this week where I had to pre-treat with an antibiotic. I think I dreaded the pre-treatment more than I did the procedure.

* Our gym is switching over to the fingerprint identification system. Not sure if or when they’ll make it mandatory, but I’m being a rebel and declining to change over. For some reason the whole fingerprint identification system really creeps me out. Maybe it’s because I associate it with “criminal” identification? Creepy. Big brotherish creepy.


* The statement on prescription advisory sheets, after listing all the possible side effects, like — oh, say heart attacks, or kidney malfunction — that reads, “This medication has been prescribed for you because your doctor believes the benefits outweigh the risks.”

* I use a calling card when I call my mom overseas, and I finally took the time to figure out how to insert a pause in the auto-dial feature of my cell phone. This is important because I have to dial an access number and then the overseas number, totaling 21 numbers. Now I press two buttons, listen to 21 beeps, and then I’m patiently waiting for my mom to pick up the phone.

* Swimming in the rain — it’s just glorious. Also, I usually have the pool all to myself (except for the kid who wanted to try his remote control boat, but that didn’t work too well for him since my swimming made the water all choppy)!

* Down time and/or sleeping. Also, naps. Naps are wonderful.

* This cat, feetie jammies and the green chair.

* Being greeted by this when I get home from work

One Last Thing:

My company is having a Halloween decorating contest. Needless to say, I pulled out all my “work decorations” and went to town on my cubicle. Spider webs, spiders, fun-scary things.

Yesterday I was refreshing my makeup in my powder compact and in that tiny little compact mirror I noticed that my hair appeared to be standing on end. In that split second I thought to myself, “What the hell is going on with my hair? It’s been raining, I shouldn’t have static electricity!”

I looked again and realized it was an optical illusion.

Talk about scaring myself silly!



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