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Love & Loathe – 10/14/10


* That poor little fishy. That’s what we called him. All our goldfish died over the last couple of days. We just weren’t able to eradicate the parasite that infected them. We tried and tried and tried. Sadly, one of them suffered longer than he should have. We kept thinking he’d get better, but he didn’t. It was really sad and we kept calling him That Poor Little Fishy.

* People who are just plain mean and somehow ended up in a supervisory role. The thing about the specific person of whom I’m thinking is, he’s usually right, but he goes about his “rightness” with an attitude of ballistic anger and calling people stupid, which isn’t conducive to inspiring loyalty in those who report to him. It’s truly chilling to watch.


* Glide dental floss. I ran out a couple months ago, so was using my back-up dental floss, Oral B’s version, I think. Have to say, Glide has no comparisons.

* Green salads. I love me a great big plate of lettuce, arugula, onions, bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchinis, red cabbage, radishes, and any other veggie that strikes my fancy that I can pile on top. A dab of zesty Italian dressing and I’m in salad heaven!

* Persimmon and pomegranate season has arrived. Yum!

* The Angel Trumpet trees in my back yard are finally blooming. Oh! They are so beautiful!

* I am excused from jury duty. Again. Until next time.

One Last Thing:

This past Saturday, I flew back and visited my aunt and uncle, who graciously allowed me to spend 3 nights with them, or as I’ve affectionately termed their home, “Sleep Boot Camp.” See, when I’m home, my sleep schedule gets all messed up. But they maintain a very strict schedule. So it’s kind of like pressing the reset button to my sleep schedule.

Some of the highlights included attending their church — it’s truly a beautiful church, it’s even listed on the historical buildings list, and I love going with them. And brunch afterward is always delicious.

We walked across the recently completed “walking bridge” that hovers over the Missouri river, bridging Iowa and Nebraska. It made for a nice morning walk, and a visit to a year-round holiday store in Old Town Omaha, and then lunch after.

Also, the trees. I mean, you know about my obsession affection for trees. Trees that look like they’re on fire because they’re all covered with red and orange and yellow leaves — be still my heart! I’m pretty sure that I came back with, like, 500 pictures of trees and 5 pictures of people!

We visited my dad’s grave, as well as my grandmother’s, and I always treasure hearing the stories of my dad, his parents and all the other relatives that I never really had a chance to know. Although, I always leave feeling as if there’s one story that’s been left untold.

Plus, there’s always someone’s headstone in the cemetery that begs a good-natured joke — even an unintentional one.

We were leaving the cemetery, and I noticed an enormous monument. I read the name, pointed and said, “There’s the Bone family over there…” Then noticed all the smaller headstones surrounding the monument and revised my statement, “Ummm, wow, there’s a whole lot of Bones over there…” Then realized what I’d said and we started laughing together.



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