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Love & Loathe — 03/04/10


* Websites who make you change your password because they changed their security protocol. I was fine with my password, it was long enough with enough weird characters in it, and now I have to remember yet another version of my weird characterized password.


* Brach’s Sugar Free Cinnamon Hard Candy. Now, I just have to figure out where I bought them in the first place. Because they’re gone.

* This tag on my hair dryer. The irony of where I keep it makes me smirk every time I see it. That’s me, living on the edge of danger!

* Dark Sipping Chocolate. The Steve/Marigold/Huck/Milo Show gave it to me as part of my multi-part birthday present last year. I just finished it and it was delicious. I might just lick the inside of the canister (which I also love — it’s SQUARE!) Who knew I would like something from Trader Joe’s?

* When my husband finds the Arrowhead water bottles that have the bigger cap. Often times it’s the smaller things in life that makes me happy, but in this instance, it’s definitely the bigger thing (small though it may be).

* I busted out of my voluntary introverted isolation today and spent a couple hours (maybe longer?) with my friend, Grace. It did me a wealth of good and I just *heart* her so much.

* When the sun breaks through the clouds.

One Last Thing:

I had two phone interviews (last Thursday and Tuesday this week) and in-person interviews with five people (yesterday and today), for a contract-to-hire position.

The recruiter I’m working with has been working with this company for 14 years and she is confident that they’re an honorable company. I hope she’s right.

In an “It’s a Small World” scenario, this recruiter has ties to the Rose Parade and I saw her in the Rose Parade (this year, and probably other years, too) and didn’t even know it. Her story is absolutely incredible and when I met with her today for the first time, and then learned of her connection, I found myself shaking my head inside over the incredible strength this woman possesses.

Anyway, I landed the job** and at a wage that’s just a smidge lower than I wanted, but at least I’m not placed in the dark corner of the clearance aisle anymore with a neon pink “50% OFF” price tag on my forehead. I start on Monday. There’s a lot of work to be done there and they really, really need someone like me. I’m terrified, but in a good way.

Can I get a “WOO HOO!” from My People?

**… just when I was prepared to spend another 12 months sitting on my duff eating chocolate!



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