Love & Loathe — 01/21/10


* Somehow one of my rear tires on my car dropped to only 10 pounds PSI. I thought it was maybe a slow leak, but it hasn’t lost any pressure since I refilled it to the 26 PSI that it’s supposed to be at this morning. Not sure what that means…

* Of course, I discovered it this morning at 1 AM, when my intuition told me to go check my tire pressure. Which I did and then worried about it until 5 AM when Tony got up and I made him double-check my tire pressure taking skills.

* The reason I was worried was because I needed to drive (or row) my mom to the airport for a domestic trip. I’m glad I checked it, because I ended up driving roundtrip to the airport two times. Once to drop off my mom and once to pick her up when Southwest Airlines canceled all their flights out due to weather.


* Homemade waffles.

* Honey baked ham.

* Another evening with my mom… an unexpected gift, although there was a certain amount of stress involved and wasted time at the airport.

* It’s snowing in the local mountains. Like, a LOT of snow. That means we’re going up tomorrow. So, here’s to safe travels for everyone in the house.

* My mom and I have been going to the gym together, including the aquatic exercise classes, and they’ve been letting her in on our membership. I’m not sure if they’re supposed to do that, but I love them for it. In fact, it almost makes up for all the pool issues they have there.

One Last Thing:

Here’s something weird… when I have insomnia due to worry, I ponder really weird things that are unrelated to the worry at hand. For example, my “worry” last night was that my tire wouldn’t hold air and I wouldn’t be able to get my mom to the airport in time because I’d have to spend MONEY on a new tire, and how was I going to do that AND get her to airport? Turns out that the tire held air and her flight was canceled… so there.

Yet, one of the things I was thinking about last night, totally unrelated to the real worry, was whether people who wear hats cause themselves to have a thinning hairline or whether they wear hats to cover up a thinning hairline. Similar thought about glasses… if your eyesight starts to get bad, and you do start to wear glasses, does that cause your eyes to get lazy and then you need thicker glasses, and then your vision gets worse, and then you need even thicker glasses?

I think I should go to bed tonight. Oh, and I’m moving my Love & Loathe list to Thursday… even though you were too polite to say anything about it, I know you missed it on Tuesday. *muwah*



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18 responses to “Love & Loathe — 01/21/10

  1. grrrace

    how weird about your tire…

    i wonder about the hat and glasses thing, too. not enough to think about it very often. but whenever i see someone with very little hair wearing a baseball cap i think that… hehe.


    • The hat/glasses things are weird, aren’t they? A couple years ago, my eyes would go all weird, and wouldn’t focus at long distance, and I was worried that I needed glasses… then I realized, they’re just super sensitive under florescent lights. Something about florescent lights give my eyes fits.

      Also, I’m afraid to wear hats because I don’t want female pattern baldness. hehe

  2. You checked your tire pressure at 1 am? Just a little obsessive….

    • Yep… I did. My car had handled weird a couple times over the previous couple days. I’d been thinking about it and decided that I maybe needed to lower my PSI. I was glad I checked them, because turns out the PSI didn’t need to be lowered in all 4 tires, it needed to be raised in one of them!

  3. Only in your sleep deprived mind….. and sometimes in my own sleep deprived mind. πŸ˜‰

  4. Worrying about all sorts of things can certainly keep you from sleeping. The thing that relaxes me when I cannot sleep is to put a ‘movie-sleep-tape’ into my VCR…some easy to watch relaxing film…pretty soon I am asleep. It takes me out of myself and I lose myself in the film and suddenly I’m asleep….It works better than a sleeping pill and Healthier, too…lol.

    • I’m so glad that works for you. I’m pretty sure if I did that, I would never sleep. Maybe a book would work, though. A really boring algebra book… that’s what did the trick when I was in high school. πŸ˜†

  5. noonie

    did mum sneak out and let your tire down, hoping to stay longer?

    Or some little toad is going round letting air out of tires…

  6. with our cold/warm/colder type temps, i lose tire pressure too … annoying!

    and wasn’t the weather something else!!!! we flew out of AZ late wed. and then on thurs. they closed the airport because of high winds! we got out of dodge in the nick of time!

    hope things dry up there soon!

  7. Snow! Hope you guys can make it up there OK.

    • We did, but we had to drive halfway to your neck of the woods to do it! All roads to the mountains were closed, except the one through Victorville opened Saturday at 2 PM.

  8. grrrace

    i only wear hats when i haven’t showered. hehe. i try to keep the yuckiness contained.

  9. An OD once told me that glasses can actually make your eyes stronger, not just correct your vision. Contact lenses do not have the same benefit.

    I have found my tires mysteriously low sometimes too. I generally attribute it to the poor condition of Houston’s roads pounding the air out, but it might be squirrels sneaking into my garage late at night opening the valve stems with their teeth. I can just imagine their puffy little cheeks billowing in the jet of air. Man, I hate squirrels.

    • But if glasses make your eyes stronger, how come people only end up getting stronger glasses? Hmmm… I think a patch over the strong eye, which forces the weak eye to work more makes more sense than putting glasses on, doesn’t it?

      Squirrels. Monkeys. Chickens. They’re all in on it.