Love & Loathe – 01/05/10


* Being sick. Yes, still. This is one hell of a doozy of a cold. My refrigerator could take lessons from my sinuses on replenishing. Amazing, it truly is. It’s a shame scientists haven’t found a use for all this phlegm that people cough up during cold season… maybe that’s the solution to the gasoline crisis? Phlegm cars?

* There are absolutely no jobs at this time in my area of expertise for which to apply. Not that I could’ve interviewed, anyway, what with having no voice. I’m assuming that this is due to companies FYE and holidays that just passed. I’m also hoping and praying that this will change soon, as it’s somewhat disheartening for me.

* Being asked by well-meaning people the status of my unemployment. It’s kind of a sore spot.

* Dealing with incompetent people who are employed (waves at Best Buy). Really, it’s like rubbing salt in the wound of my unemployment and drastically reduces my patience, which was low anyway, for their idiocy.


* Souplantation. Especially if it means I get to see my friend, Grace.

* Prescription cough syrup. Promethazine and codeine, how I love thee!

* I think we got the fish situation under control. Strange thing that. In the midst of all the tetras dying, and the male guppy dying, the female guppy we bought from the fish store gave birth. So there, in the midst of death, with anti-ick medication swirling in the water, we have new life and me freaking out trying to SAVE THE BABY FISH! And WHERE ARE THE OTHER BABY GUPPIES? We only found one baby guppy (odd, indeed), but so far, baby guppy is alive, swimming, eating, pooping and growing. Which is pretty much what baby fish are supposed to do.

* The mommy visit is going well. At least I think so. Neither of us have physically harmed each other yet. This is good, yes?

One Last Thing:

On a rainy day last week, I thought it might be interesting to go out to the Richard Nixon library. I’ve wanted to for a couple years now, because for the holidays they have a couple special displays… one of which was trains. Lego trains, toy trains, remote control trains, videos of trains… it’s really quite spectacular, even if you’re not all that into trains. The other is a display called “Christmas Trees of the World.” There were numerous Christmas trees, each decorated with ornaments specific to the country it represented… of course, the German tree had the hidden pickle.

It really was an interesting thing to do on a rainy day with my mom. While it was interesting and there were a lot of interesting things there, I found myself thinking, “Of course they had to open a library. Every President would have to. What else would former Presidents do with all the interesting crap they accumulated during their Presidency?”



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24 responses to “Love & Loathe – 01/05/10

  1. I’m so sorry you are sick. I finally got to look at your parade pics and videos. What a great time that must have been. I’m glad your visit is going well. Good luck with everything.

    • Aww thanks. I can always count on you for sympathy and good wishes. πŸ™‚

      Even with The Sick, it didn’t diminish from the parade. Thank goodness.

  2. grrrace

    you didn’t seem sick at all when i saw you… πŸ™‚ speaking of which, it was really good to see you!

    baby fish! can we come and see it??? hehe. lookit me, always inviting ourselves over.:P

    ooh, trains! mia loves ’em… looks like they’re still on display through sunday… might have to go up there!

    • Didn’t seem sick? Wow. heh Glad I’m a good faker of being healthy! hehe

      Sure, of course. You’re always welcome to come over. Not sure she can actually SEE the baby fish, it’s so tiny. I thought baby cichlids were tiny, this one takes the cake.

      The train display was unbelievable. They had a huge entry room, seriously huge, of the Lego trains… up, down, around, bridges, etc. Then another room with more trains and interactive stuff and videos and … sheez. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it. You take a kid there, she could be busy for HOURS.

  3. tony

    You will get better and you will find work. Love you cutie, XXOXOXOXOXOOX

  4. tony

    Forgot mr green

  5. noonie

    Ugh phlegm cars… you had to go there…. I can probably run one for a week. Don’t you hate when the Doc says, nothing more I can do just go home and keep up the fluids and tablets. Sigh.

    Still kids are happy… school was supposed to start today… we had a SNOW day…. skip skip… cough cough… DUCK.. snowballs.

    • Of course I went there. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. And you know I’ve always thought scientists should come up with some sort of car polish from people who have oily skin issues. Elbow grease, my ass. Nose grease, I say!

      Actually, I didn’t go to the doctor since I knew that’s what he’d say. I just doctored myself.

      Snowballs? Man, you have all the fun, don’t you?

  6. Hope the job search goes well. I know you’ll find the right job at the right time.

  7. anon

    not sure if you qualify, but there is an executive administrative position open here : (link removed by administrator for sake of privacy)

    it’s a great company.

  8. I’m sorry you are sick, especially with your mom visiting 😦

    I didn’t get to watch teh parade, I wish I had… but I slept through it. lol

    • Thanks. *snort* She’s sick, too. Poor thing. 😦

      Dude, go back to my previous post… the last link in the post is a video of the news channel that covered it. You MUST watch it! πŸ™‚ I will be quizzing you during our next phone conversation. xox

  9. stacey

    oops, i forgot you had emailed me, so i sent you an email. please disregard the last comment.

  10. Sorry you are not feeling well- that just sucks.

    Here’s to a better week all the way around : )

  11. daydreambetty

    Sick still?? That’s awful! I would think the prescription cough syrup would be under the loathe section as well. Don’t you hate how it tastes?? I do hope you start feeling better.

    The train exhibit sounds great! Wish they had something like that in Jersey (hmm…maybe NY City?). I love trains!

    And don’t lose hope, J, about the job search. I’ll be praying for you.

    • HA! Nooo, I actually love the taste of the cough syrup. What can I say, I’m kind of weird, I guess. Surprising, I know. hehe

      Turns out, the train thing was a big draw. I guess the Nixon Museum gave free admission in honor of his birthday, so the whole family and friends turned out there on Saturday. Or so my secret spy reported. πŸ™‚

      I appreciate the prayers… you’re the bestest east coast girlfriend ever.