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Not Your Mother’s Underwear.

I’m telling you, this is like the neverending cold/virus/whatever it is. Towards evening time and in the morning, until I take my Advil and antihistimine, my throat is sore. And why doesn’t Advil make their “multi symptom cold” pill anymore? Or maybe I should ask why doesn’t WALMART carry Advil’s multi-symptom cold pill anymore?

Among other things we did this weekend, like moving a friend’s stuff from one storage unit to another, going to a post-St. Patrick’s Day party (with corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and CAKE!!) and spending Sunday afternoon at the park, one of the things we somehow managed to fit into this weekend was washing our laundry. For about an hour, we both had empty laundry bags hanging on the back of our bedroom door. I was never so proud! Empty laundry bags! Have you ever seen a sight as beautiful as that??

Tonight I looked over and Tony’s laundry bag was nearly full again and he was just putting his clean laundry away tonight.

“Hey! Your laundry bag is full again…”

“I know, I wear big clothes. It’s just underwear and t-shirts in there.”

“You should wear smaller underwear.”

“Nooooo, my underwear’s fine.”

“Uh huh.” A couple seconds passed in silence. “I’m gonna buy you some thongs to wear.”

The look on his face of sheer horror was absolutely worth having that visual for a couple of seconds. I mean, let’s face it, there are some things that shouldn’t have been invented and thongs for men are one of them.

Thank goodness Monday’s over.


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