Sicky Mending!

I promised them I’d pick up side dishes for a meeting they had today, that was the only reason I went into work this morning.

Then I had the pleasure of waiting at my doctor’s office for an hour (I didn’t have an appointment). With all those other sick people and a guy talking about his stye. *shudder*

For me, the doctor said it was probably strep throat and he was prescribing antibiotics since I had a fever. I asked if he could swab and test for strep throat. He asked why I wanted him to test for strep throat if the treatment (antibiotics) would be the same? I asked him to just pacify me, please? The test was negative, not strep throat. I picked up the antibiotics and thought about all the times I’ve taken them in the past and had to deal with side effects of severe anxiety attacks, diarrhea and yeast infections. My memory of antibiotic side effects are not fond ones. With that in mind, I decided to wait a day before taking them.

I put an Orajel sore throat relief strip in my mouth (which gave immediate relief for about 10 minutes) that I’d picked up while waiting 20 minutes for my prescription and took an Advil/Sinus/Cold pill (seriously, Tylenol has got to be the biggest joke for a pain killer in the world). With Advil in my bloodstream, within an hour, my sore throat was no longer sore. After a 4 hour nap, I started coughing out (what looked like) brain matter. And my fever broke.

Go Scooby!

I don’t think I’ll be taking antibiotics.

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  1. I am so with you on that. I HATE antibiotics. I won’t take them unless I know for a fact it is something serious (like that strep B I had last year). By the way, I take back everything I said when you ordered the shutters (even though I only remember thinking they were very expensive). They are awesome! And also I hate curtains or drapes. I own no curtains myself. Biggest dust magnets ever. Maybe with the shutters you will get sick less often. I never thought of this before, but clean-living people like you must be more startled by sicknesses. People like me who smoke and drink just ignore it and think it’s part of the package.
    Awesome shutters!

    Jeanette replies:
    They were very expensive. 😯
    I think they’ll be worth it in the long run, since we don’t say the “M” word, we’ve decided that we’ll STAY here for at least another 5 or 10 years. At least. Heh.
    Startled by sickness, yes! It’s so unfair. My only vice is dark chocolate. Maybe I should turn to dirty living? 😛

  2. I am glad that you are mending but it still sounds like your throat is hurting, I just hope that the medicine will help you!!..Love Terry

    Jeanette replies:
    I’m still mending, trying to get my energy back. So tired. And if I forget to take my advil, I start to feel like I have a big egg in my throat. 😯 My Poor Throat!

  3. Pain medicines are only marginally effective for me, except for fever reduction.

    Antibiotics give you yeast infections? That’s just seriously wrong girl. On so many levels.

    Jeanette replies:
    Tylenol is like… stupid. It just doesn’t work. Vicodin doesn’t remove pain, it just makes me woozy. Ibuprofen is the only med that really does anything. So when I had my surgery I asked them for stronger derivatives of Ibuprofen. Funny, huh?
    Antibiotics typically make me sicker than I was to begin with. The only reason I ever take them is if the end result, if I didn’t take them, is scarier than the my side effects. If I’d had strep throat, possible end result is rheumatic fever, I think. That’s pretty scary.

  4. I never liked taking antibiotics, much less seeing doctors in general. Oh well. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    Jeanette replies:
    I think I’m getting cynical about doctors… doctors say their main complaint is that patients don’t tell them stuff. What I’m finding is that a lot of doctors just don’t listen. That’s frightening.

  5. grrrace

    tylenol doesn’t even COUNT. seriously…

    i’m glad your fever broke, though…

    i have never even heard of those sore throat strips… they look awesome. i *heart* scooby. heh.

    Jeanette replies:
    Tylenol is such a joke. Even the extra strength stuff.
    Chloraseptic makes sore throat strips, too, but I couldn’t find them in the store. These Scooby strips were in the kid’s med section. Hehe.

  6. leese

    Sometimes doctors prescribe antibiotics too quickly.

    Jeanette replies:
    Very true. Very true.

  7. I hate, hate, hate being sick. So glad your feeling better, Scooby to the rescue!!

    Jeanette replies:
    Being sick sucks. Scooby Rocks!

  8. 😉 How truly smart of you my dear Jeanette…I swear, we all know so much more about our bodies than the doctors—especially if you have experienced certain things…Good For You, that you knew what to do for yourself….And as to Antibiotics: Sometimes the so-called cure is worse than the illness itself!

    Jeanette replies:
    Heh… now I’m afraid I’ll never kick this thing and will have to go back and admit that I didn’t follow his instructions! 😳

  9. Redfred

    When I shopped around doctors when I first got to Florida I settled on the one who refused to prescribe me antibiotics. I take Tylenol occasionally when I have a migraine and can’t just go to bed, seems to work for me then.

    Jeanette replies:
    Really??? Tylenol helps you with migraines?? Goes to show, each person is different when it comes to pain meds.

  10. Redfred

    it doesn’t get rid of them but it allows me to function. Actually I usually am forwarned of an impending migrane but some vision distortion and I usually take a few of them before the actual headache part hits (unless I know I can hit the bed pretty soonish which is the only real way I can get rid of it. I actually had one this week, the vision thing started in Publix and it got so bad I couldn’t see things in the isle, like people and kept running into things, finally I just stopped and stood there for 20 minutes. My vision cleared and I paid up and spead home just before the headache and nausea hit, too late for tylenol, I just closed my eyes and said goodbye to the world.

    Jeanette replies:
    Ahhh, the old visual migraine before the real one. Those are always a party in a pinch.
    I wish migraines didn’t exist. They make me feel like the world is crashing down.

  11. Rrrosh, Rreanette! Rope roo reel retter rrroon!

    Jeanette replies:
    Awww, thanks Scooby. (Said in a Veronica-isque voice)

  12. Zoinks! Yeah! Like, now!

    Jeanette replies:
    I wish your wish were its command. Seriously.

  13. Sorry Jammie J., I’m laughing at “Scooby’ and “Shaggy”, seriously, sounds like a bad case of nasty sinus problems to me. I’ve been having that same problem for two weeks and have coughed up enough “brain matter” to do a transplant.

    Jeanette replies:
    Hehe… that Scooby-Shaggy guy is a funny one, ain’t he?
    Well whatever it is, I just wish it’d go away. I’m done with the visit.