Alexandria, VA | Ghosts & Graveyard Tour

Alexandria, VA. Evening of Saturday we signed up for a Ghosts and Graveyard tour. It was weaved with verifiable history of sites in front of us, and a little bit of lore to make it interesting. We heard the tale of the mysterious female stranger who passed away in room 8 of the Gadsby Tavern (she is buried in St. Paul’s cemetery). Also, renowned actress Ann Warren, who did a play and then fainted dead away for the final scene, except she wasn’t acting. She is buried in Christ Church’s cemetery. Other tales included Short Jack, who imbibed far too much and took a nap on the rails of the cable car and became Shorter Jack. We also heard the sad story of Clem and Rosebud, a story of love gone quite wrong, and didn’t end well for either of them. There were a couple other stories told, and we ended at Ann Warren’s cemetery. I personally find cemeteries to be lovely and peaceful, but I tell you what, I’ve never seen a crowd of people clear out so fast. Heh


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