Extra gum, cinnamon flavor.

I found this in Ralph’s yesterday.  They used to make this and then discontinued it sometime in 2006.  I remember searching for it when we went to Ireland that same year, and I found some weird tasting European version of it in the bus store in Dublin.

Strangely, even though the little yellow corner up there of its box proclaims it as being “NEW” it is not listed on their website as being an offered flavor.  However, I would argue that they brought it back as “NEW” because it’s in the updated flat packaging, instead of the old boxy packaging.  Just so you know, I bought 4 packs just in case there’s an apocalypse and it disappears again.

When I’m featured on some show about hoarder’s with multiple boxes of the same product stacked to the ceiling behind me, I will be standing there in my pajamas (of which I also have 12 of the same print) screaming insanely, “You companies who discontinue my favorite things brought me to this!!  It is NOT hoarding, it is inventory!”



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2 responses to “Extra gum, cinnamon flavor.

  1. Inventory!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Tony

    It makes you happy, happy, happy….love you. XXOXOXO :mrgreen: