Monthly posts.

I’m smiling right now as I write my monthly update post or, rather, my “letter to William” for this past month. So much has happened and some of the things he says and does are so sweet.

I love all the things we do with him and all the memories we make together as a family. I know the monthly posts are long, and I always think I’ll post shorter snippets throughout the month, and then I realize the month is past, and I haven’t!

Blogging has sure been an evolving road of communication for me over the years. Most of the people I’ve met through blogs are now Facebook friends with me, so snippets have a tendency to make their way there instead of here. So, if you’ve been a long-time reader and you haven’t already, please feel free to friend me on Facebook.



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2 responses to “Monthly posts.

  1. Tony

    Love you XXOXOX

  2. noonie

    I still love the long posts… been so much fun travelling this road with you…. and knowing where you still have to go.