Southwest Update

About a week after I sent my letter off to Southwest, I received a phone call from a customer service agent at their Dallas location. I missed her call, so I called back. The agent I spoke to reviewed the notes and, it actually wasn’t clear to me whether she had my letters in front of her or not. I was kind of led to believe that she didn’t, just a summary of them that someone had input into the computer.

So, I dragged her through the details of our experience.

My experience with their customer service team was far, far better than my experience with the gate agents and the gate agent supervisors. She said she would alert their legal team concerning the breastfeeding experience and the ambiguity of what their website says.

She also offered us vouchers for future travel to cover the cost of our airfare, plus a little extra. There was no monetary reimbursement offered for the rental car. She said they are unable to issue monetary compensation. So, I assume the bit extra is intended to compensate for car and the food we needed while we were held hostage in Las Vegas.  The vouchers finally showed up in my email account just yesterday… and there’s still one voucher that is pending approval.

Since a little time has passed now and with the vouchers offered, I’m OK now. Sadly, I no longer have the naive love for Southwest Airlines that I once had. They’ll have to do better in the future for me to gain respect for them again. Guess they’ll have an opportunity to do so within the next year, since the vouchers expire next October.



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3 responses to “Southwest Update

  1. grrrace77

    I’m glad this experience was much better… Glad they called back soon… So – where you going? 😀

    • I have no idea where we’ll go. We’re thinking the same route next July… there are a couple of events we’d like to attend in that area. We’ll see.

  2. Tony

    Great job sweetie, XOXOXO :mrgreen: