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Open it Already!

The box sat there since Christmas.  Partially because we’ve been so busy lately, the other reason is partially due to intimidation.  The box is so big, it’s practically the size of a person.  It has been occupying a chair at the table all this time.  To be honest, it was one of those things I hesitated buying because, how often would we use it, I wondered?

A food dehydrator is kind of a silly thing, isn’t it?  Especially when Sprouts Market and Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are so abundant around here.  But I did it anyway, as a gift to Tony, because we both really like dried fruit and banana chips.

The other night for the first time, I opened the box and inspected the thing.  The small pamphlet that came with it wasn’t intimidating at all.  Just a simple chart with various foods and recommended drying times, depending on your preference of soft or crunchy.

Since I had some apples that were getting on in years, I sliced them up, dipped them in lemon and sprinkled them with cinnamon.  Then I placed them in the thing, plugged it in and left it alone until the next night.  The house smelled great and I eyeballed them when i got home from work and tasted one.

It was amazingly good.  Tony tried one and proclaimed it delicious.  William asked for one, and he “Mmmm-mmmmm’ed” his way around the house for about five minutes and came back and requested “more.”  Well then.

Last night I sliced up some pineapple and did the same thing.  And the same thing happened.  I love that it’s so simple and so nutritious, and what a great “take along” snack idea!

Sometimes, I guess the hardest, yet also the most rewarding thing to do is simply take something out of the box and start the project.





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