Need some bricks.

Me:  We need to get some bricks for that toilet upstairs that William likes to flush.
Him: Why?
Me: Because the water bill has gone up from $30 a month to $42 a month.
Him: What???
Me:  I know.  It’s because he likes to stand there and flush the toilet non stop, and when it’s not flushing, he likes to flipple the handle.
Him:  Haha… you had to say flipple didn’t you?



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4 responses to “Need some bricks.

  1. flipple. heh

    so…wait. what does bricks have to do with the toilet?

  2. So glad the Bricks got explained…lol! I didn’t get the connection either…
    You could also put some empty jars in the tank and when the toilet is flushed, those jars remain full—meaning, less water is used….!

  3. grrrace77

    … is that some kind of midwestern trick? hehehe.