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* Loving feeling healthy again. Having a cold while tending a newborn really, really sucked.

* We’re having a rainy day here today. I’m loving it now, but I wasn’t thrilled when it started, because it sounded like a train going through town when it pounded down on the roof at Target. Horrified, I realized I had left my car’s passenger side window cracked. On the bright side, nothing got too wet and I am grateful that I hadn’t left the top down on my car and that I had only one window open.

* At one week post-partum I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. My clothes fit just a tiny bit weird, but I am astonished how fast the weight left me. I guess it makes sense though. I gained 24.5 pounds, William was nearly 11 pounds of that, his placenta was HUGE, so that left just a few pounds of fluid to lose. It was a bummer that I was so paranoid about my weight gain while pregnant, but it’s totally worth it on this side of the event.

* Speaking of, I’m loving that I’m allowing myself carbs and sugar again. I dramatically scaled back when I was pregnant, so I’m on quite the cereal kick lately and absolutely love this chocolate granola I found. Unfortunately, it appears to be one of those “limited editions” that Costco is carrying. So it’s apparently going to be one of my temporary loves.

* Got the “all clear” to start exercising again a few weeks ago from my OB. That night I attended the aquatic exercise class and I’m back to lap swimming every day since then.

* I am so grateful for my mom and my husband. They make it a priority for me to have the time to go swimming. I was getting ready to leave for the gym one day, and they both sat here and negotiated with each other which one of them was going to tend to William while I was gone. It was funny for me to observe, but only because it was never a consideration that I wouldn’t go.

* I have the most amazing friends, family and neighbors. Everyone has given us so many wonderful clothes, I think William is probably one of the best dressed babies I’ve ever seen! But also, baby carriers, strollers, car seats, a swing, an Angel Care monitor… given them to us. Just like that.

* I’m a bit… stunned(?) to realize that I think my son is going to be an extrovert and quite the charmer. He loves to engage people, he’ll stare people down until they acknowledge him and then he’ll give them the most amazing smiles and “talk” to them. He shuns his nap if we’re out and about in favor of charming the people around him. Which makes for a meltdown when we get home, but sure makes me feel like a million dollars when people tell me how adorable he is. Oh sheez, I think I may be one of THOSE moms, heaven help us!

Helping fold laundry…



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