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Love & Loathe — 011309


*Loreal’s Hip line of cosmetics. I am pretty rough on my eyeliner. I have allergies (equals teary eyes, rubbing them, etc.), I swim, sometimes I even cry. Normally eyeliner on me is just gone by the end of the day. These “crayon” type of eyeliners go on smooth and last all day.

Morning, just after applying vs. Evening, after work (with no touch-ups during the day).

* This fuzzy, soft sitting pillow. I’ve been looking for just the right one for over a year now and finally found this a couple days ago for $10 at a discount store. I know, it’s kind of … uncouth, but it’s absolutely hilarious to hear Tony yell about “THE SCARY MONSTER PILLOW!!”

* This month’s newsletter, so far, has required the least amount of writing work I’ve ever put into it since I started there. Here I thought it was going to turn into my worst nightmare. Shows what I know.

* I decided to start posting on my photo blog again. I missed doing that.

* Circle of Beauty’s Alluring Poppy lotion. I wore it for the first time in 3-4 years and got two random compliments that went like this: “*sniff, sniff* You smell really good!” Too bad it’s almost gone and I can’t find it ANYWHERE!

* These short fact books. They’re kind of Cliff Claven-ish in that it’s random bits of knowledge about random things. But I was laughing while reading them in the store today, which is saying something since I’m struggling with depression right now.


* Sweating. Umm, hello, weather? I put my summer jammies away last month. What’s the deal with the heat wave all of a sudden? We’re talking high 80’s here, people.

* Depression. It’s been nipping at my heels for a couple days now and really hit me hard today. I’ve been weepy and sad — dratted estrogen, I hate hormones.

* This one is huge to me. Hilo Hattie‘s has filed for bankruptcy and our local store at The Block has CLOSED! I can’t believe it. We were just there when we went to see Valkyrie. I am totally tragedized by this. It is, after all, where we got our wedding outfits. And my coffee, my delicious coconut coffee. 😥

Funny Moment:

How one can tell if there’s a baby visiting the office…



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