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Happily Busy.

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when I start searching for the missing Barbie doll and the outfit she’s wearing. Because, you know, Barbie and I dress alike for Halloween day. Thing is, I know I’m not making up the outfit because I have a picture of it. But every year since I moved in 2005, I’ve searched for her and every year I’m disappointed.

Ah well.

At work this week we’re having Halloween Festivities. It’s something our Fun Committee thought up. Starting Monday we get to display a miniature pumpkin they gave us to decorate. I decorated mine Saturday night. I pulled pictures of two of our cats, Ripper and Tug. I love Ripper’s eyes, they are an unusual shape and color, plus I love his masked look. Tug has some hilarious facial expressions and I can almost always catch him mid-meow, so it looks like he’s smiling in some of the pictures I’ve taken of him. With those attributes, I combined the two pictures and drew my pumpkin. I think it turned out pretty well.

Went from this…

… to this…

Tuesday we get to decorate our offices or cubicles; whichever we are blessed to have. I talked Tony into coming by Monday night to help me decorate my office, since he’s the best holiday decorator I know. On Friday we’re having a potluck and “work appropriate” costume contest. Thus my search for the missing Barbie and her outfit. I’ll probably end up using one of my other matching outfits, I always do, but I sure would like to find that missing one.

Fun Committee’s invitation…

This past weekend’s highlights include my battle with a neck muscle that has been giving me pain since Wednesday evening. I’ve been taking two ibuprofen every morning just so I can move it without crying. I have no idea what caused it to start giving me pain, Tony thinks it’s the job and fish stress manifesting itself. Could be that he’s right about that. On the upside of that, though, I’ve discovered that when Tony’s watching a movie, I can lay across his lap and he will give me a neck and back rub. It’s a rather absentminded one, which is to say there’s no real rhyme, reason or rhythm to it, but it sure does feel good.

We had dinner with Tony’s family yesterday to belatedly celebrate his dad’s birthday (his parents were in New York seeing their new granddaughter over his birthday). This birthday dinner enabled us to get our nephew fix, so it was kind of like our birthday, too. Other things I did was make an enormous mess around my desk area — I decided that a corner that had a fake plant in it was wasted space and am in the midst of transforming it into a usable area for files. The only problem with that is, under the fake plant was a dark spot that had a tiny cat bed which was a perfect fit for Snug. Snug rotates his hiding spots and was using this spot right now because he’s getting over a cold. If I had waited another week to do this transformation, he likely wouldn’t have even noticed that it’s gone. Since I didn’t wait, I’ve had to deal with his reproachful looks at me all afternoon after he goes over there and looks at it to make sure it’s really gone. After the fifth check and resulting reproachful look, I started telling him that nothing has changed since the first time he noticed it missing, that I know his memory is longer than a fish’s memory, that his cat bed has been relocated to behind the cat tower, so stop with the dramatics already.

Snug’s former corner:

Now my corner:

Snug’s new corner… nevermind that it looks like a broom closet:

Oh well. I can’t please everyone, now can I?


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