Raw Milk is My Friend.

Warning: Super long post ahead about something which I’m very passionate.

The milk that is sold in the grocery store, pasteurized milk, is not something I am able to drink. It was one of those discoveries that came about gradually, because I didn’t realize it was the culprit or exacerbater of many of the health problems I had been experiencing. For example, within 15 minutes of consuming pasteurized milk, it makes me desperately sick, with diarrhea, chills, feelings of anxiety and depression. With those kind of side effects, is it any wonder that I avoid pasteurized dairy products as if they have a cross and skull bones on their label? Pasteurized milk, to me, is like poison.

In January of 2005, I was diagnosed with osteopenia at -2. I was 34 years old. For several years prior to that, I simply avoided all dairy products, which really was no simple matter at all. Dairy is, quite literally, an ingredient in everything. Think for a moment about what YOU ate today and then think about how many of those items may have contained some form of dairy. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, most Italian dishes, pumpkin pie, ice-cream, cheese, coffee creamer, hot chocolate packets, etc., then there’s the recipes that you wouldn’t even suspect, like some versions of guacamole. The list goes on and on.

In November of 2006, I visited my cousin in Nebraska whose family runs a dairy farm. Their method of “getting milk” means going to the barn and using the spicket at the bottom of the milk tank to fill their milk bottle with milk that is very nearly straight from the cow’s teet. I was very leery of trying some of that milk, I thought for sure it’d make me sick. So, I took the tiniest of sips and waited for the cramps to start. Nothing happened. I took another sip, nothing. I drank the entire glass of milk, and I was fine. It was at that time that I discovered that I could drink unpasteurized milk. Raw milk. Real milk.

I didn’t understand how that could be possible until my aunt explained to me that during the pasteurization process, milk is heated to an incredibly high temperature (162 degrees) in order to kill off any harmful bacteria, but in the process, it also kills off the beneficial bacteria that many people need in order to digest dairy products. That the beneficial bacteria, in fact, helps your body’s immune system to be stronger, which in turn fights off bad bacteria. Interestingly, many people who think they’re lactose intolerant actually are not, they just cannot digest pasteurized dairy products.

In July of 2007, my bone scan revealed “normal” bone density. I attribute that, at least partially, to being able to partake of dairy products, especially raw dairy products. Did you know that a recent 4 year study showed that people who eat organic produce reap 60% more beneficial compounds and up to 90% from organic milk? (I can’t find the official link right now, but here’s something for now: Link)

The ironic part of all this to me is that we’re encouraged by the media to ingest so many things that aren’t at all healthy for us, things that oftentimes cause our bodies to get all confused with the crap we put in them. We’re even allowed to buy things that have been proven to harm us, our unborn children and/or even those around us. I’m simply fighting for something that has been proven to be beneficial to me and to others. The dairy that produces the milk that I purchase is a Grade A rated dairy, the milk from a Grade A dairy has never been proven to cause anyone harm and, in fact, has been linked to many, many stories of healthier people. The thing is, if you buy milk from a Grade A dairy, it doesn’t need to be pasteurized. Much of the milk from other dairies, that is pasteurized, is done so because they are “dirty” dairies who short-cut their sterilization practices because, hey, it’s gonna be pasteurized anyway. Pasteurized milk is actually dirtier than my raw milk!

If it comes right down to it and this bill does go into effect, I’ll probably try to partake in cow-sharing or having my cousin send me milk or something. But, the thing is, I shouldn’t have to. I should be able to go to the store and choose to buy the milk I can drink. It’s not like it’s an illegal substance or something. Last I checked, this is America.

What I’m asking is this, even if you don’t want to drink raw milk yourself, please help give me, and thousands of other families in California, the right to choose to buy raw milk. Even if you don’t live in California, you can still help by sending a letter or e-mail to our Governor. That’s right, you can help me by writing to the Governator.

Link to various sample letters & contact information: Link

Link to further information about the bill that’s threatening my milk: Link

On top of the milk tank…

Please, won’t you help me save my milk?



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14 responses to “Raw Milk is My Friend.

  1. Caryl

    squirt! squirt!
    Love you,

    Jeanette replies:
    HA! Write! Write!

  2. And here I thought “raw” milk was bad for you and could kill you, like it did Edsel Ford. Sounds like, as with everything, its all in how good a product you get.

    Good luck on your quest.

    Jeanette replies:
    That’s what I thought when I first saw it in the store, with all those scary warnings on it that are mandated by the FDA. Then I started researching it.
    Did you know that Amish people drink raw milk, generally from a Grade B dairy. Now, I have no idea how the grades are handed out, but seems to me that a whole clan of people wouldn’t drink something unsafe or they’d be dead and then the clan would be gone.

  3. redfred

    My mother gets her milk from the farm at the end of the road, trouble is that it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO creamy

    Jeanette replies:
    Why is that trouble? Mmmmm. The fat in milk is processed differently by the body, it’s not the kind of fat that’s bad for you.
    Although I choose to drink the raw skim milk (which tastes like 2% milk) simply because it’s $1 cheaper than the whole raw milk.
    Oh, and I use the whole raw milk (and raw cream) when I make my ice cream.

  4. And you tall people need extra milk for them freakishly long bones!

    Jeanette replies:

  5. And I didn’t mean to miss your birthday!!! But I thought of you!!!!

    What’s the deal with outlawing raw milk? Why? So you have to buy pausterized milk that’s been shipped in the same containers as petroleum products? Insanity. I bet it all boils down to money. Ha. Boils down… get it?

    Yeah, okay. Maybe it was just me.

    J. replies;
    My birthday means your birthday is coming right up! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ahahahaaaaa… boils down. You’re funny! But, yeah, money is pretty much what it’s all about. How’d you know?

  6. Angi

    Done sweetie.

    J. replies:
    Thanks, dear. I appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. xoxo

  7. It is unthinkable that they want to pass this bill! ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH! Everything is backwards these days…It is crazy! And I will write….! What the hell are they thinking about??? It must put more money in someone’s pocket…Greed, Greed, Greed. It is everywhere.

    And Speaking of GREED: Your comment about the Media not giving us the “real” story on this writers strike…Think about who and what “The Media” are…
    NBC-Universal/ GE -BIG Company….etc., etc., etc…
    All these outlets are controlled by these HUGE Company’s and they are MANAGEMENT. And they represent GREED!
    The first day of the strike, I heard the guy on the 11am News on ABC-TV say that “the average writer makes $200,000 a year….” The first time I was very disturbed, cause I know that is an out an out lie…then after 11:30, they said it again…And THIS TIME, I called ABC-TV News. These BIG Company’s want the public to NOT be sympathetic to the Writer/Creators…So, they speak falsehoods.

    BTW: I still am having to fill in all my info every time I want to comment….Just thought I would let you know, my dear….

    J. replies:
    Thank you so much for writing the governor on my behalf. I really appreciate it.
    Also, thank you for clarifying about the writer’s strike. You’re absolutely right about who owns the media. Of course they would provide biased reporting. I mean, they do on everything else, why not this issue, too? Very slanted.

  8. Sent the Governer an Email, just now!

    Had to sihn in ALL my info, once again….LOL!

    J. replies:
    Thanks again for sending the e-mail.
    I should have asked you when I was visiting you what browser you use? Can you tell me if you use IE or Firefox?

  9. That just sucks! We will band together to SAVE YOUR MILK!!

    J. replies:
    Thank YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. tony

    I will write them too!!!!!!! I love you sweetie, you need your milk !!!!

    J. replies:
    My milk makes me strong and healthy! And happy.
    What if I can no longer have onions & milk? ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  11. gosh, every time i log in to check in on you, i get distracted by something (ahem, MIA) and i don’t get a chance to read your post!!!

    i will send in an email, too! if i don’t get distracted again. *grumble* hehe…

    J. replies:
    HA! Mia knows what you’re doing. Being unfaithful to her. ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. okay, i just sent an email. ๐Ÿ™‚

    J. replies:
    Thank you so very, very much. I really appreciate it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I live in a state where it is illegal to purchase raw milk. I only just found this out a few months ago as a friend has a child with similar issues as yours. She is otherwise a law abiding citizen but to provide dairy products for her son she must break the law to purchase it. I’ve emailed the gov. and hope that he changes his mind.

    J. replies:
    Thank you, Lillie. It’s really sad that the government is harming us under the guise of helping us. (Did that even make sense?)

  14. Oh..This is such a nice picture of you!
    I think that is my favourite ,
    You look like a little princess…Love Terry

    J. replies:
    ๐Ÿ™‚ Aww, thanks!