Back Acne.

We work together, me and Maria. We’re kind of each others back-up person, so it’s really nice that we actually like each other. We even have a standing weekly lunch date where we discuss girly stuff and work things. I had told her about the acne problem I’ve been struggling with about a month ago. She said, “Oh, I had a really big under the skin zit that showed up in the same exact spot every month, so my gynecologist prescribed a gel to put on it. It never came back…”

Friday was our lunch date, we checked out from work, escaped walked out to the parking lot and got in her car. As she started her engine, I said, “Hey, you know that acne gel you recommended?”


“I finally got some from my doctor.”

“How do you like it?” She looked at me askance.

“I don’t know, I just got it last night.”

“Oh.” She backed out of the parking spot, “I need to get some more.”

“You do? You’ve only had it a couple months and, dude, that’s a big tube!”

“I know. But my fiance uses it. He puts it on his back, on his chest, on spots that may or may not be zits. He begs me to put it on spots that he can’t reach. I always tell him no!”

I start laughing and said, “He uses it like lotion?”

She nodded her head. We continued over the freeway to our lunch destination. All I could think was, “Cool, there really is someone weirder than me in this world…”

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  1. I have found in life that there always is : ) And you are so not weird by the way!

    Jeanette replies:
    I’m not weird? Really? Are you SURE about that? 😛

  2. I don’t even know what to say to that! Except to agree with Brighton. You are quite normal by my standards.

    Though I’m not sure that’s saying much.

    Jeanette replies:
    I think that scares me a little. *bites fingernails*

  3. angi

    Listen, in my life, you are really very normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeanette replies:
    I’m beginning to think everyone thinks they’re weirder than me and that is really weird.

  4. We’ll have to come up with levels of weirdness and have a 1 to 10 rating scale. I always thought you and I were pretty similarly weird. But we’re probably just 7’s.

    Jeanette replies:
    I think 7 is a good weird — gives the appearance of normal until you get below the surface a little, right?

  5. soooo… bacne is never good. heh. uhm… yeah…

    Jeanette replies:
    Bacne is painful… almost as big as my knuckle.