Them Bones.

“Now, when did you say this happened?”

“Well, this one…” I held up my left ring finger, “… happened on June 12th in the swimming pool. I jammed it into the bottom of the pool in a turnabout.”

He nodded, “And the other one?”

“…happened on June 22nd, catching a football.”

His pen stopped writing notes and he looked at me over his spectacles, “June 12th and June 22nd?” I nodded. He continued, “I guess you’re not one to rush into anything, huh?”

It was Saturday, around 8:45 AM. I had been at my doctor’s office around 45 minutes at that point, waiting. Because they don’t take appointments for x-rays. That was the conversation my doctor and I had just prior to him taking x-rays of my ring fingers. Another half hour passed as I waited for the x-rays to develop. I heard shuffling feet and the doctor reappeared.

“Your left finger indicates a fracture occurred and has healed. What you’re noticing there is a bone callous, which is normal — but that’s why we normally prescribe a splint to be worn so that doesn’t happen. It may or may not dissolve, I just don’t know.”

“Your right finger also indicates a fracture occurred, but the fracture hasn’t healed and I’m not sure why that is.”

“It’s still fractured?” My voice trailed up at the end as I looked at the skinnier of my two ring fingers. “But it’s not swollen and it doesn’t really hurt.”

“Let me go check the x-rays, maybe I’m getting them mixed up.” Something told me he hadn’t, but nevertheless, he shuffled off to double-check. A couple minutes later, he shuffled back, “Yep, your right finger. It still shows a fracture.”

“Huh. But neither of them really hurt all that bad.” As if my failure to notice pain that was that bad would convince him that the x-rays were lying.

“That bad? Compared to what?” He asked.

“Compared to… oh.” Yeah, endometriosis? Or a kidney stone? Well, I don’t suppose there’s a whole lot that can be compared to that kind of pain. Perhaps I should lower my pain baseline a bit.

He sensed that I wasn’t going to finish my sentence and said, “I’m not sure why your bone isn’t fusing in your right finger. I’m not sure whether the bone callous will dissolve on your left finger. I’ll be writing up a referral to an orthopedic doctor who specializes in sports injuries. You should have that within the next week or so.”

An hour and a half later and that was that.

In other bone news, the results of my recent bone scan arrived a couple weeks ago:

My GYN said she wants to do another bone scan in two years, but for now… it looks like I’m good there. No osteopenia? Is that possible?

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  1. Wow, you have a serious tolerance for pain. Walking around all this time (and typing, no less) with fractured fingers. Young lady, you need to keep your fingers to yourself and stop jamming them into pools and footballs.

    Jeanette replies:
    For some reason “keep your fingers to yourself” makes me laugh and laugh. πŸ˜† At least I’m not poking people in their eyes when they make me mad! Hehehe

  2. Caryl

    Well, your exercising has helped in one area, but maybe need to wear boxing gloves or something to protect those fingers.
    My left index finger hit the side of the pool when I was there.
    It’s still bothering.

    Jeanette replies:
    Boxing gloves? In a swimming pool? HA HA HAAA!
    The doctor said I should “buddy my fingers up”, like tape the broken ones to the unbroken ones for strength. I guess fingers need friends, too…
    I’m sorry you hit your fingers into the side. Those goggles of yours were too dark for night swimming. 😦

  3. Strange, isn’r it? A fracture that you don’t feel…! I was unable to see the picture and that report—That report is too small for these old eyes, even enlarged! (lol)

    Thanls for the info on The Scanner. That one would not work for me…ALL my slides are mounted….Well, I’ll keep ask and looking…!

    Jeanette replies:
    Oh, I felt them when they first happened. But, you know, after awhile the pain kind of recedes and it’s all better and tolerable.
    Basically the text on the report said my bones are good and no increased risk for breakage.
    Yeah, maybe you can find a scanner that has an adaptor for mounted slides?

  4. first of all, it was soooo good to see you saturday night.

    second, i still can’t believe how big that one knuckle is! i hope that callous goes away…

    third, i’m glad your bones are doing well πŸ˜€ maybe it’s all that raw milk you’ve been drinking? πŸ™‚ hehe.

    Jeanette replies:
    I was so glad you came over. It was good to have some girl talk. And THANK YOU for the cupcakes — very yummy. You’re such a sweet friend. πŸ˜›
    I seriously wonder if some of the improvement is due to the raw milk…
    Question for you… hey baby, you wanna feel my knuckle some more?? Hehehe

  5. All that swimming must be paying off : )

    Jeanette replies:
    Swimming and raw milk, I’m thinking. πŸ™‚

  6. I’m frightened of your baseline pain level, especially considering you’ve been TYPING with two broken fingers!!!!

    Jeanette replies:
    Oh yeah… there is that… 😯

  7. P.S. “Them Bones” is a song by Alice In Chains and I’m going to see them in October. Just thought I’d throw that in there!!!! What a coincidence?

    Jeanette replies:
    I didn’t know that was a song by Alice… I’m so out of it with hip music! Cool you, getting to go to a concert! πŸ™‚

  8. Jeanette,
    If you’re talking about the dentist, that was an involuntary reaction when he hurt me. I didn’t poke him in the eye on purpose. I don’t think.

    Jeanette replies:
    πŸ˜† Right! Just like I didn’t kick my former dentist in the nards on purpose for keeping me waiting an hour and half. Well, only in my imagination…

  9. glad you liked the cupcakes! sorry that one was retarded. it wasn’t like that when i bought it! stupid trader joe’s checker/bagger person. *grunt*

    oh, baby, i will feel your knuckle anytime you want. hehe.

    Jeanette replies:
    Bite your tongue!! It is NOT possible for anything to be wrong with chocolate!
    Hehehehe… here’s my knuckle. πŸ˜›

  10. well isn’t that something! sheesh … and you still use your keyboard and everything! you probably haven’t given the one finger a chance to heal – with the typing, etc etc etc!

    but i’m so impressed with how quickly you got in to see the orthopod … unfortunately, that is one of the things here in canada – LONG waits for specialists …

    here’s hoping for good news on your fingers & on your computer recovery too!

    Jeanette replies:
    When I had my splints (for the first couple weeks of the fracture), I had trouble typing, so I took them off. Then I found a product called “Fingers” which is worn by athletes when they hurt their fingers. Those worked great!
    Actually, I went to see my regular doctor. I haven’t been to see the orthopedic guy yet. I did get a call on Monday with the authorization number, so I have an appointment next Tuesday.
    *keeping non-broken fingers crossed for computer*

  11. If you’ve ever had a doctor or dentist keep you waiting, call a half hour before your next appointment and ask, “How’s the doctor running today?” If they go “Huh?” Say, “How is he running on time? Is he on schedule, 30 minutes behind? An hour behind? Because I’m don’t plan to sit in the waiting room for an hour again.” Lo and behold, they will then tell you how he is running and you can establish a new time, if necessary, for you to arrive. I always do this with my gynecologist because he sucks time-wise.

    Jeanette replies:
    I’ve done that and they lie to me.
    In fact, when I went to my ex-dentist, I did just that. They told me he was on time. So I showed up, they took me back and THEN I waited in the dental chair instead of the waiting room. Serious.

  12. I think it’s your dimples. For some reason a lot of people think I’m scary. They are VERY accomodating to me now.

    Jeanette replies:
    But… they hadn’t even met me. Do you think they can see dimples over the phone??

  13. Liz

    What nice bone structure in your hand. πŸ˜‰ Hope you get your fingers ‘straightened out’. I really like the header of your page. It is so cute.

    Jeanette replies:
    You like my bone structure??? hehehe πŸ˜›
    Thanks… my cousin took the header pictures for me. But she didn’t know why we wanted them. πŸ™‚

  14. angi

    I wanna feel your knuckle. Why does Grace get all the fun?

    Jeanette replies:
    Ohhh! You wanna feel my knuckle too?? Have I got a knuckle for you. πŸ˜›

  15. You need to treat your fingers better. You may need them someday.

    Glad the bone scan turned out well!

    Jeanette replies:
    Hehe, I know, I need them NOW. My poor fingers.
    I’m glad the bone scan is good… I wondered if all that milk, vitamins and swimming was doing me any good.