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I really don’t know why, but the pee collection task turned into a huge, inconvenient ordeal this time around. First of all, I’ve had the collection thing since the beginning of the year and I just kept “forgetting” to do it.

Then, this morning, I didn’t leave the house in time to take the jug to the lab before work. So, I stuck it in a brown paper bag, stapled the bag closed and stored in the fridge at work until lunch time. When I left for lunch, I put my closed bag in the passenger seat, buckled it in and I called Tony at work to announce, “I’m a transporter!”

“A transporter of what?”

“A transporter of PEEEEE!”

There was a moment of silence while he registered what I had said and then a low chuckle was his response.

I have never been so glad to be done with a project in all my life.


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