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Ireland Arrival.

You probably thought I was kidding about that bald guy with big ears, didn’t you?

I’m here to tell you that not only did the man go to the concert, but he also flew to Ireland in the seat in front of us. Given the size of the airline seats, that meant he was practically sitting in our laps. He also wasn’t satisfied with the space alloted to him by the airlines. So not only did he push the seat backwards as far as possible, when he reached the end of it, he… bounced on it. Several times throughout the flight. That was fun.

The bald guy…

Security at LAX was actually a breeze, 45 minutes… that’s all. The flight, however, was brutal. Neither Tony nor I got much sleep on the flight. Because the seats were too small, we were too big and the bouncing bald guy just exacerbated it all. At one point I put my tray down and laid my head on it and found myself wanting to crawl on top of it and sleep. We’re feeling it today — we’re stiff, sore, with traveler’s diarrhea and feeling pretty woozy. Kind of sucks.

Necessarily, that steps the adventure mode up a notch on the scale, particularly when we’re attempting to remember to drive on the other side of the road. Tony hit the curb twice on the way to the hotel and I turned into a nagging shrew.

We made it, though. I can’t believe we’re really here. If the diarrhea doesn’t let up this may be all the further we’ll get. Not bad digs, though, all things considered.

Our first view of Ireland…

View from our room of Dublin bay…

P.S. Happy Anniversary to us.



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