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It was Perfect.

What does a couple want most on their wedding day?

Perfect weather? Sunshine? Beautiful greenery? The minister to get their names right? Family and friends full of love for the couple getting married? What if I told you we had all of that and more?

Tony started the day by telling me that a couple weeks ago when we were worried about all the thunder storms and rain that was happening up here, it was really just God’s way of planning for our wedding. Because look at all the greenery and flowers around.

How do I begin to tell you the ways that everyone rallied around and handled everything so that I felt so pampered and spoiled? How Tony’s parents drove Grace and me to the hike’s starting point? How Steve, Grace — and, well everyone, really — took so many incredible pictures and another pair of friends did an amazing job videotaping the ceremony and celebration. That a mile long pre-ceremony hike (longest wedding aisle, ever, by the way) is the perfect way to settle any wedding jitters. How the minister created the most perfect ceremony we could have ever wanted, including a couple of spontaneous laughs to break the tension. That I was able to get my mom on my cell phone so she could be present throughout the entire ceremony. That Tony made the most adorable miniature wedding cake and somehow managed to get it up the mountain and surprise me with it. That every member of the party did something that made them invaluable to have had there and how grateful I am to have had them there.

Or maybe … the only thing a couple wants on their wedding day is to say their vows to the one person they love most in this world. And everything else is just icing on the cake. So to speak.

More pictures are here, if you’re so inclined: LINK



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