Letter to our 8 year old

Dear William,

Today you turn 8 on the 8th. You thought that was so cool when you realized the numbers were the same, about a month ago, when we were writing out the invitations to your party.  Then we had ten rounds of discussions about why we couldn’t have your birthday party on the 8th, and that it had to be on the 7th.

You love to plan parties, and have actually been planning this party since your party last year. For most of the year, you were planning a snake party. You even researched how much it would cost to have a herpetologist come out with a black king snake. Then Toy Story 4 came out and you decided that was going to be your theme, instead.  I still think a snake party would be cool… maybe next year?

You love acting, being a comedian, creating art, science experiments and music.  I hear you adding your own sound effects to songs that are playing on the radio, there’s always an extra dimension going on in the back seat.  We took you to see the live production of Cats, and ever since then you have since been singing various parts of the songs that were sung.  And now, when we hear commercials about plays that are coming to our area, you always suggest that maybe we could go see the production.

You work hard at math and do well at it, but most days find writing to be overwhelming. You read pretty well, better than you think you do and you love going to the library to look at books.  You always surprise yourself when you read a book and realize you did it.  We changed Awana Club this year, and you have not been thrilled about this change, but we are staying the course as it works better for my schedule.

You love traveling (vacation!!!), hotel rooms, being at home, playgrounds, your sandbox, screen time, swimming, going to Medieval Times, Star Wars, LEGOS, playing board games, watching football and basketball. Birthday parties, movies, three cheese Papa John’s pizza, and cake are particular favorites.  You also love animals, babies and decorating for the holidays.

We had your birthday party yesterday, on the 7th.  It has taken us a couple years to settle here in Texas, and it pleased me to see that you were more discerning in how you chose the friends you wanted to invite to your birthday party.

For your actual birthday, today, the 8th, we did family things.  A normal morning, found us doing your Social Studies class and Foundations of English homework, you watched cartoons for awhile, and then we went to Dave & Busters for lunch and some video games.  This afternoon, we went to Awanas, as usual, and I was surprised when you decided you wanted to go out Christmas caroling afterward with the small group from the church.  When I had originally shared my memories of caroling, you had said you weren’t interested in doing it.  It seems you decided to change your mind and give it a try.  Trying new things is something we’re encouraging you to do, so I was very pleased that you decided to give it a go!

We are so proud of you and we are so glad you are here, and that you are ours.

Happy Birthday, William.

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