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Sister Sky Products

When we visited Oklahoma over the July 4th holiday earlier this month, my friend, Tracey, and her family took us on a driving tour of a few areas local to her house. One of those places was a quick stop at the Chickasaw Nation Visitor Center and in there was a display of some  body products.  I sampled the lotion on my skin, and the scent stayed true and clean for the 10 minutes or so that I walked around.  I was pleased, because a lot of products that I sample turn musky and musk scents give me headaches.

I went back to the display and picked up a bottle of the lotion, shampoo, conditioner and body wash and dropped $45 for the lot.  I felt like I’d walked out of Bath & Body Works, but with only one scent.  The only scent they make (or at least that was sold there and on their website):  Sweetgrass.  It is refreshing, subtle and clean smelling and stays true all day.  I fell in love with it.

I’ve used the Sister Sky sweetgrass products now for almost a month and I am so pleased with them.  The shampoo and conditioner require only a very small amount to get through the entire length of my hair — which is a lot of hair.  The body wash doesn’t dry out my skin like some soaps do and the lotion stays on, even after washing my hands.  I just placed an order on their website for more (I’ve got another 2 months worth in the bottles, but I like having inventory), and am going to try their “Kevin’s care” lotion for eczema or distressed skin, as I have a recurring rash on my arm that happens when the PH balance is off in the swimming pool. I’m hoping that the special lotion will help.

I try a lot of products and am often disappointed, but this time my quest for finding something unique and different made it all worth it and as long as this company continues to make these products, I will continue to buy them.

You can find their website here:  link, and they have a Facebook page, too:  link

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Life Update/Last Weekend-San Antonio

I sit here and I’m debating whether to start this writing with something cliche, like, “Well, it’s been awhile…”  or if I should avoid the obvious statement and just jump right in. I think I’ll just use this paragraph for my segue.

The biggest news the blog doesn’t know, is that for a myriad of reasons, we moved to the giant state of Texas the latter part of 2017.

I landed my dream job here, so we moved the entire family: cats, bird and all — not an easy move.

Tony hadn’t landed a job yet in Texas, so we decided he needed to stay in California for a few months with his parents, while he continued to look.  While not ideal for William, this enabled Tony to be with his family when his mom passed away mid-October.  Her passing was devastating for the family, but we are so grateful that all of the children were able to be there for her last moments.

The transition to living here in Texas has been difficult.  Beyond the usual things of setting up a new home and support system, our bird and 3 of our cats died.  After a month of a quiet bird cage, we decided to adopt a baby parrotlet, we named her Peppermint.  A few months later, after seeing how sad our remaining cat, Snuggy, was over the loss of Tug, who he was very attached to, we adopted a 1 year old cat to keep him company.

Tony did land a job and he moved here, so now both of us have new jobs and seemingly limitless possibilities ahead of us.  Settling in and getting the lay of the land has been our priority   We are closer to family and many of our friends, which works well because traveling is one of our family’s goals,. Everything stateside (except Hawaii) is now within a 2-3 hour radius, and Texas itself has so much to explore.

For example, this past weekend we planned a visit to San Antonio.  Since William is homeschooled, we like to take trips to visit actual historical places, and the Alamo in San Antonio certainly qualifies.  The first thing that went awry was our outbound flight was canceled, so we lost a half day at our destination.  We debated rescheduling the entire trip, but decided to try and make the best of it, so we rescheduled to a later flight.

We landed and headed off to see our long-time friends that we met years ago via blogging (Jethro and Zelda), as they graciously invited us to stay in their home.  We got to meet their youngest daughter, Charlotte, and they got to meet our son, William, who are now fast friends.  We dropped our stuff off, visited for a short bit, and then headed off to see the Alamo.  After that, we returned to their house… and then at 11 o’clock at night, we decided that we needed to go to H.E.B.  Having never been to a H.E.B. before, I cannot lie, I might just go back to San Antonio to visit H.E.B. again.

Sunday we headed over to Sea World San Antonio to check the place out, except we didn’t get very far inside the park before William started feeling ill.  He fed the sea lions and we were charmed by the baby sea lions, and then he got it in his head that he needed Dippin’ Dots (not all about him, I like them, too), but all of the stands were out of them.  So the whole thing turned into a strange scavenger hunt for Dippin’ Dots, mixed with William complaining of gas pains or stomach cramps.  And then he threw up and proclaimed, “Well, that was unexpected.”

Because we weren’t sure if William had a virus or heat exhaustion, we spent the next two hours hanging out in Sea World’s first aid room, where they introduced us to the most fabulous emesis bags I have ever seen.  These things are life changing.


How did I not ever know such a thing existed? They gave us an extra one when we headed out to optimistically try to catch an earlier flight home  (I have no idea why we thought we would be able to do that, given how Southwest had failed us this trip), but what really happened was we ended up spending 6 hours at the airport because Southwest re-ordered the standby list (we had been 1st on the list) on the flight we were trying to catch so we didn’t clear the list, and our original booked flight was delayed.  After a few more rounds of using his emesis bag, we arrived home at 11 pm.

We were so grateful to be home and we’re really hoping our next trip is less adventurous.


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