Flashback to Venice

I’ve been reading the Magic Tree House books to William, and we just finished book #33, which talks about Venice. In our homeschooling curriculum, we also read the book Papa Piccolo, which is also set in Venice. Then, when I was looking to consolidate our “green” bags, I came across the bag that was given to us by the shop in Venice where I purchased quite a few tapestries.

Curious as to whether that shop is still around, I looked up both websites that were listed on the bag, but the shop had let both domain names expire. So, I went to Google maps and put in the address listed on their bag. A picture immediately came up of the canal. Surprised, I swiveled the picture around, and sure enough, there it was… the little shop. In the image capture from Google, outside are stands with a bunch of knick-knacks, which I don’t remember being there. Dust collectors wouldn’t have drawn me into the store. When we were there, their entire shop was devoted to tapestries, and I remember they had a dog that slept on the floor inside. Arte Veneziana, S. Croce 557/A, Venezia

My pictures from our visit in May of 2007:

When reading about Venice, every time we started a book, William said to me, “You’ve been there!” Yes, yes, we have. And someday we plan to take him there, too. It’s funny how one thing leads to another, isn’t it?

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