Silent Pool Drama

Last year, we had an issue with the gate at one of our pools not closing properly.  I reported the issue to our HOA, and it was never fixed.   It’s gotten worse, as things tend to do, and it got to the point that in order for the gate to close, it had to be manually pulled shut.  No one does that except for the most conscientious of people, and let’s face it, that is NOT the majority of the population.

So, last month, my mom went up there to swim some laps.  When she got there, she intended to go in the women’s bathroom and change, except she heard voices in there.  One of which was manly.  After a bit, the door opened, a man came out and then a woman.  She asked him if there was something wrong with the men’s bathroom and he said the light didn’t work.  LOL  Rrright.  She said they were quite cozy with each other over at the spa, but she just tried to ignore them.  She noted as they left that the woman made mention of the gate being latched, because my mom had latched it when she came into the pool area.  The next day when I went up there to swim, in the women’s restroom, there was an empty condom wrapper on the ground and a used condom in the open feminine hygiene disposal container.  I reported all this to the HOA.

A couple weeks ago, the HOA finally fixed the gate and it latches with great authority now with no effort at all.  A few times I’ve driven by and seen people sitting on the step outside waiting for someone to let them in.

Then last night, as a Valentine’s day gift to me, Tony told me to go on, go lap swimming.  So, I hied myself up there, and I’m swimming laps and it’s a beautiful night under the stars.  Venus is making quite a statement with her bold, bright self being visible.  Orion is straight ahead of me.  Many of the stars are visible and it’s just a glorious night.  As I search for the north star overhead, I see a downward movement in the corner by the pool maintenance room and a man comes walking past with confidence and purpose like he’d been there all along, except I know for a fact that he hadn’t been.  I check restrooms and corners before I swim as a safety precaution; I don’t like surprises.  So this man, he walks over and unlocks the gate and lets his girlfriend in.  She’s carrying a bedroll and a pillow and I think that maybe she’s homeless?  She kind of looks homeless, with her wild, curly, unkempt hair and baggy sweats, and carrying that bedroll and pillow.  Odd.

They go over to the spa and set up their “camp” and I’m keeping an eye on them to make sure they don’t touch my stuff, and they don’t breach my “bubble” of safety space.  He marches over to the men’s restroom, goes inside.  He comes out dressed in swim trunks.  She then goes into the women’s bathroom, goes inside, comes out in a one piece swimsuit, but then as she walks past I realize that 3/4 of her butt cheeks are hanging out.  I mentally raise my eyebrows at this, this is a community swimming pool after all and that is definitely not a swimsuit I would wear around other people, but maybe I’m a prude after all?

So, they’re over there in the spa now.  Pretty soon I see her sitting on his lap, but as best I can tell, they are just sitting.  Kissing deeply, but just sitting.  Then pretty soon they move over to the steps, and she’s sitting on the steps and I see the back of her head and he’s standing in front of her… and then they switch places, so he’s standing up in front of the steps and I see his back, and she’s “sitting” (kneeling??) in front of him… there’s movement now, and I’m pretty sure there was inappropriate public behavior going on for a couple of minutes.

After a few minutes, they separated and sat all cozy next to each other.  Then they leisurely got out of the spa and, I was kick boarding at that point, so I had my ear plugs out of my ears, and I heard him asking her if they wanted to go somewhere else.  I didn’t hear her answer, but she went into the women’s bathroom and he followed her, got within 2 steps of the women’s bathroom door, looked over his shoulder at me, and turned and went into the men’s bathroom.  And I was left with the distinct impression that he was used to being in there with her.

Overall, they were there for 25 minutes or so, and I was left with the feeling that I interrupted their “star gazing” plans for the night and that they frequently do “star gazing” there and that I was “trespassing” on “their” place. (Yes, I know I’m overusing my quotes, I know.)  She left with her pillow and bedroll under her arm, he followed her to her car and, after a bit, she drove off and he walked back down the street.  After I was done swimming, I went out and looked around the outside of the pool maintenance room and the fence on that side, and I have no clue how he managed to get over it, but then I’m not a randy billy goat, either.

The whole thing kind of makes me wonder what their story is … I mean, why do this at a public community pool or in a community bathroom?  Surely there are other places they could go and be together?  Do they have a fetish for doing this stuff in public, in front of people or something?  Does he live in the community?  I don’t think she does, given where they went afterwards.  Why doesn’t he have a pool gate key?  So many questions and I still don’t know how I should have handled this awkward situation… and I feel resentful that I *have* to ponder these things.  I mean, I was already there and they chose to enter illegally over the fence and be intimate publicly.  Just so awkward.

So, what’s the solution to this?  I debated hopping out of the pool and going all perky-like up to them and start talking about the amazing visibility of Orion’s belt and Venus, but I really didn’t want to see this guy’s junk being all out there.  I also thought about getting out and calling our security company or the sheriff, but I know that by the time they got there, these people would likely be done and gone.  And if they did show up while they were there, these people would know it was me who called them and … well, they wouldn’t be arrested, they know that I swim there, what if they come back the next night or next week and retaliate against me?  Obviously the fencing around the pool is a non-issue to them and is no protection.

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